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We are importers of fresh organic ginger, cold-pressed organic Peruvian juices, purees, spices, and fruits from the Amazon of Peru, Thailand, Indonesia, and other various origins.


We are a family owned business with a passion for the fresh produce & beverage industry. In joint venture with Agroindustria JAS, we have developed one of the only packing operations in the Amazon of Peru with state-of-the-art machinery that has been built to meet the highest standards of the industry and have become one of the largest manufacturers of cold-pressed organic ginger & turmeric juice. We have also invested into our own fields in the Las Palmas area of Peru.


Outside of the Peru ginger season, we supply fresh ginger from Brazil and Thailand. Our Brazil ginger season takes place from June to January, and our Thailand ginger season takes place from January to April.

Our most recent project is our ginger candy factory in Indonesia. In partnership with Indo Tropikal, we have developed a brand new facility that creates ginger candy, also known as ginger chews, which began production in 2020.

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