Our Peru ginger season typically takes places from July to the end of January. Our fresh organic ginger is a top quality product and is known for its golden color and its bold, rich flavor that is highly favored among consumers. Our ginger is harvested and professionally packed at our facility in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. 



We have a joint venture in Thailand where we supply premium Thai ginger in 30 lb. boxes or mesh bags. Thai ginger is often known for its beautiful large hands and its golden brown color with a mild flavor. Our Thai ginger season takes place from approximately January through April. 


 Brazil ginger is known for its large hands, golden brown color, and mild flavor. Our Brazil ginger season takes place from January through June. This product is packed in 30 lb. boxes.


 Crystallized ginger is fresh ginger root cooked in a sugary syrup and coated with granulated sugar. We offer Fiji crystallized ginger in the form of either diced or sliced. 

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