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Peru Amazon
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We are one of few packers in Peru that have invested in our fields as well as our packing facility. We own six fields, approximately 400 acres, within the Las Palmas area of Peru. Agroindustria JAS, our primary facility, is approximately 100,000 sq. ft with two dedicated water wells.


Our state-of-the-art machinery is made of stainless steel 304 food grade to ensure the highest quality standard in production. The first phase of our ginger washing process is all mechanical. Each ginger






root is individually inspected, graded and manicured to the highest standard. We have implemented dryers that blow cold air to help maintain its physical properties, flavor, taste and aroma.

We pack our fresh organic ginger according to our customer’s needs in either 30 lb. boxes or mesh bags. Our frozen organic  juices is packed in 40 Lb. pails or 400 Lb. drums and is sold as either unpasteurized or pasteurized.

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